Girls Getaway in Paris

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Girls Getaway in Paris

Be it with your best friend, sister or your dear mother. Parisian welcomes girls getaway anytime. You might say Paris may not be safe for girls getaway but after reading our list of places to visit in Paris below, you will not mind risking it all.

Girls getaway in Paris includes many things.  Food, pictures, shopping, Parisian experience, fun and more of fun. Today, Widetrip is all about you girls. The best places to visit in Paris for tasty, chic and fun girls getaway are here!

(Tasty : Girls Getaway in Paris)

Girls love tasty treats. We love to drink, eat and most importantly appreciate. Below is the list of places to visit in Paris if you are in for some tasty girls getaway.

* Coffee Tasting

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Photo: Good Coffee in Paris

Before we kick of girls getaway in Paris, how about a cup (or more) of coffee? We are not talking about Starbucks here. Brûlerie de Belleville was founded by three young Parisian entrepreneurs who are passionate about coffee and wanted to create their own brand. It carries coffee beans from all around the world after these Parisians selected carefully while traveling the world. Also, every Saturday, you can make your girls getaway classy by attending an hour-long coffee ‘dégustation’ (tasting). It costs 20 euros including a bag of fresh coffee beans.


* L’Etoile d’Or (only the best candy shop in Paris)

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Photo: Lucky Miam

Girls need chocolates and candies. No matter how hard we try to resist, we just can’t resist a good box of chocolates and a bag full of fun candies. L’Etoile d’Or is owned and run by Denise Acabo, a Parisian chocolate enthusiast like all of us but with much more expertise. Walking into her shop would feel like how it would be like walking into Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory but sweeter. The shop was closed for a while because of a gas explosion in the basement of the building but now it is reopened and ready for sweet treats for your girls getaway.

* Vineyard in Paris

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Photo: Rue Marcellin

Yes, there is vineyard in Paris. The one and only remaining and working Parisian vineyard is Clos Montmartre. Wine produced from Clos Montmartre can’t be found in shops or restaurants because they are only sold through charity auction every year. The vineyard is closed to the public except during la Fête des Jardins in fall. So if you are having girls getaway in Paris during fall, you are in luck! But if you do want to taste some of the best french wine and cheese led by dear Parisian, you can let us know and we will take care of everything.

* Rosa Kiwi

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Photo: Glose

Photo: Google+

It is not easy to find a good frozen yogurt in Paris. There are not many frozen yogurt shops in Paris to begin with and even you find one by luck, it doesn’t taste like what you have been craving for. But there is Rosa Kiwi, a frozen yogurt that you have been dreaming about AND zero-fat. Need we say more?

* Nail Wednesday at Môm

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Photo: The Trendy Style

Anything is possible at Môm on Wednesday. You can drink champagne and get your nails done at the same time. Perfect place to talk about plans for your girls getaway with little drinks and fancy nails? I think we just found a place for it!

(Chic : Girls Getaway in Paris)

Chic fashion, Chic style and Chic Paris. It all started by Parisians. Here are some places to visit in Paris to have the most chic girls getaway you can dream of.

* Bar à chignon

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updo, hair, pretty, salon, blonde

Photo: Happy City

Photo: My Man Dressed Me

This is a new Parisian concept salon. Like you order your favorite drinks at the bar, you can pick your favorite hair style you saw in the magazine or TV show. They have a menu full of all kinds of hair styles from braids, up-do, wedding hairs and etc that you can choose from. They will provide the best help when you are having a bad hair day or don’t know what to do with your hair before kicking off your fabulous day of girls getaway in Paris. The best part is, it doesn’t take long time as it normally does when you visit salon. One of our favorites is 365c. It is chic and trendy salon. And if you subscribe for membership, the price will be as low as 5 euros.

* Free fashion show at Galeries Lafayette

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Photo: France tourism

We can’t talk about Paris without fashion. Paris hosts many fashion shows but only a few of us are lucky enough to attend these. But not anymore with Galeries Lafayette’s fashion shows happening every Friday at 3pm in Lafayette department store. It is free of charge if you just make reservation online in advance. You will get to see some of the famous brands’ newest collection before anyone else.

* Musée Galliera

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Photo: Hôtel de Sévigné

Paris is one of the cities in the world with longest history of fashion. A lot of famous designers are from Paris and what Parisians wear and adore certainly became part of the trend. Musée Galliera is the perfect girls getaway’s destination if you are into fashion and its history. It carries more than 90,000 couture from different centuries including some of the pieces worn by Marie Antoinette and the famous Givenchy black dress worn by Audrey Hepburn.

* Cinema tour

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Everyone knows Paris is the place to go for when it comes to romantic movies. Parisians from Widetrip offers cinema walks around Paris for you to discover the places where the movies were filmed. For the purpose of girls getaway, we have shortlisted the walks for you. If you are a fan of Midnight in Paris, time travel with Gil. Or if you are more of Hepburn and Chanel kind of girls, walking tour of the places where those names have been is the right one for you.

* Palais Royal

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Photo: HélèneA Photographe

So after the tour of cinema, it only makes sense to make one of your own. Palais Royal is the place to go for girls getaway to have some pictures that you will remember forever. The passages are full of young Parisian designers’ boutiques, classical architecture with a touch of contemporary art. If you want to hear more stories about Palais Royal by real Parisian, we are always here for you.

* Detaille Perfumery

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Photo: Bethany in the Big City

Photo: Detaille

Let us begin with a little story to make girls getaway more interesting. The Countess de Presle is one of the first person to own the car in the 20th century. She felt the skin dehydration while driving a car in high speed. So she and her chemist friend created a hydrating lotion just for driving and this marked the crucial point in the history of high quality products used for body. And this perfumery was named after Countess’ husband, Detaille in 1905. It carries history, perfume with quality and the beautiful perfume bottle that you can’t resist from having your own!

(Zen girls getaway in Paris)

We all travel differently. Some look for more exciting and loud places and some prefer relaxing and quiet places. Here are places to visit in Paris if you are hoping to get some Zen during your girls getaway.

* Hammam

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Photo: Paris Dimanche

How about a relaxing afternoon at Hammam (steam room) with your dear friends, sisters or mother? Les Bains de Saadia, located in 19th arrondissement provides one of the most relaxing Moroccan Hammam experience that you can enjoy during girls getaway in Paris. It is a rather small place so it is a little challenging to get reservation but once you do, you will realize the waiting time was all worth it.

* Yoga class

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Photo: The Culture Trip

You may think that yoga classes are offered for those who purchase membership for one month or more. But Affordable Yoga and Fitness allows you to attend even for one class while you are having girls getaway in Paris for a short period of time. Or even a pass of 5 classes. The price is as low as 6 euros for yoga classes! Sometimes when it’s a sunny day, you can even have a class outdoor at Jardins des Tuileries or Parc Monceau in Parisian style.

* Drawing Tour

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Sure, Hammam and yoga calm the soul but we also suggest some drawing for a piece of Zen. Marais and the Latin Quarter are not all about shopping but also one of the most beautiful architectural remains from the past. Don’t worry if you are not a born painter because Widetrip will teach you how to sketch.

* Ecotourism

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Photo: Le Bonbon

To end the Zen girls getaway in Paris, we just wanted to see if there are any girls interested in Ecotourism. Nothing says Zen like some greens in your heart. Widetrip made a list of places to visit in Paris and things to do to enjoy a little bit of Ecotourism.

(Fun girls getaway in Paris)

Like we said, ‘girls just want to have fun’. It is true. We do want to have fun. Places to visit in Paris if you want to make your girls getaway a fun one that you will remember forever.

* Reacquaint with Barbie

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Photo: abc News

Who here didn’t play with Barbie when they were young? Barbie was our best friend, sister and idol. This unique exhibition of Barbie is happening in Paris right now at Musée Les Arts Décoratifs for your girls getaway. From the very first Barbie doll that was made and up to all the variety of Barbie that are made nowadays.

* Scary Paris

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Whoever said girls do not like scary things made huge mistakes. We love watching scary movies and hearing about scary gossips. And behind its beautiful scenery in Paris, we hear that it has one of the darkest secrets of all time. Widetrip has the spooky girls getaway idea made just for you girls to discover all the mysteries and scary stories of Parisians. It’s a good thing that you girls came in pair. Hmmhahahaha (doing the evil laugh).

* Ultramod for some ribbons

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Photo: Jenny Lessin

Photo: Katie Figiel

Ultramod is a haberdashery shop, a mercerie in french. You will be surprised by the amount of buttons, threads and ribbons they have at Ultramod. Ultramod’s history starts in 19th century and since then, it was not only designers’ favorite spot but also tourists’ favorite now. Perhaps a little souvenir from your girls getaway in Paris?

* Fleux

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Photo: Si J’étais Parisienne

You can find all the cool things here. To end your girls getaway, this might be the perfect place to exchange presents for each other. You can find everything from small stationaries to furniture. They are witty yet fashionable.

* Being a mermaid in Paris

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Photo: S’amuser Ensemble

We love water as much as Ariel does. Even though Paris is not near to any sea, it doesn’t mean that we can enjoy some water activities during girls getaway in Paris. You will be surprised by how much water-related activities you can do in Paris without visiting the ocean. Widetrip made the list for girls who love Ariel and her water. Well, summer is just around the corner so check out the list now!

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Ecotourism: doing it right in Paris

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ECOTOURISM : doing it right in Paris


Traditional ecotourism would suggest natural destinations such as Costa Rica, Ecuador or Madagascar. And the essence of traditional ecotourism lies where tourists minimize physical and social impacts when you eco travel, ensure local people will benefit economically, building environmental and cultural awareness and making it interpretative learning experience.  

However, ecotourism in remote areas is not so remote anymore with advances in technology and transportation. Tourists can access to anywhere at anytime and making it impossible to minimize physical and social impacts on their destination.

That’s when urban ecotourism would fit. Let’s face it, half of the world population live in the city.  If we really want to make differences to our environment and also make it enjoyable so that tourists will be attracted, wouldn’t opportunity be in the big cities where more tourists visit? For example, traditional ecotourism will only appeal to those people who are really passionate about eco traveling in nature but urban ecotourism will unconsciously make an impact on every tourists visiting the big cities in the subtlest way.

And here, we have Paris, the most visited city in the world. And tourism in Paris can be predictable. But if you think that ecotourism will never be possible in Paris, you are wrong! Paris is one of the many big cities where lots of local players make efforts to make the city greener and suitable for ecotourism. What we propose here today may not entirely be called ecotourism but it will show how Paris can be the next destination for urban ecotourism and how it can be the next big contributor to tourism in Paris

(Ecotourism Chapter 1: Moving Green)

Paris offers many transportation options that you can choose from when you want to eco travel. And the city is not that big, you can always walk and take all the things Paris would offer for a little ecotourism. Ecotourism is not only about what you see but also how you move about.

* Metro

metro, light, fast, convenient, stationPhoto: Wikimedia Commons


You might say Paris has one of the most complicated public transportation system. Yes, it is true but it is all for your convenience. With increasing industry of tourism in Paris, you can also find the metro stop nearly everywhere in the Paris city. They are relatively cheap and user-friendly. And even you are going somewhere with no metro stop, there are trams, RER and buses (so many buses).


* It’s all about no gas

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Photo: Wikimedia Commons


Now, more ecotourism way of moving about in Paris would be without any gas. Vélib, the public bicycles scheme has been first introduced in 2007. Within less than 10 years, there are more than 23,600 bicycles available in more than 1,800 stations. They are not only famous to Parisians but also to tourists because you can easily purchase 1-day ticket online!

If you are looking for a faster eco travel option, there is Autolib’ you can try. It is an electric car sharing service available in Paris since 2011. This self-service electric car only costs 9 euros per 30 minutes and all you have to do is subscribe with your international license and your passport!



(Ecotourism Chapter 2: Doing Green)

Now that you are moving about in Ecotourism style, let’s do some real green tourism in Paris. Paris has more than 400 green spaces including famous ones such as Jardin des Tuileries and Jardin du Luxembourg. But there are more than just strolling in parks in Paris to do something green.

* SSE Treasure Hunt

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One of the principles of ecotourism suggests that when eco traveling, it should build environmental and social awareness as well as provide meaningful interpretative learning experiences. In urban ecotourism, we provide treasure hunt. Widetrip offers Social and Solidarity Economy Treasure Hunt for tourists to discover many local actors in Paris working on environmental issues, sustainable development or fair trade businesses. These tours are meant to be fun as well as meaningful and reflective. The tours will allow tourists from different cultures to come together, work together towards ‘treasure’ and discuss their opinions about the issues raised during the tour.

The tours are conducted in many areas in Paris such as 9th, 12th, 13th, 14th and 19th arrondissement. If you are interested in engaging in real ecotourism in the heart of Paris, you should check out our tour in 9th arrondissement. It is more than just Opera House. You will discover local actors who constantly try to support local life and places that are lesser-visited.  Or if you want to learn more about the local projects on environment and sustainable development in less touristic area of Paris, you should join our tour in 13th arrondissement.

* Cité Fleurie

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Photo: Un petit pois sur dix


It is the oldest artist community left in Paris as well as the oldest green space because these structures have been built with recycled materials in 1878. It is an artistic way to enjoy ecotourism because It is still used as artists’ studios. In the past, it has been used by some of the famous artists such as Gauguin and Modigliani.

* Cité des Fleurs

Street, green, road, children, trees

Photo: Carnets d’une flâneuse Parisienne


First of all, don’t get confused with Cité Fleurie mentioned above. And second of all, this street in Paris is one of the most unique green oasis you can find when you are eco travelling in Paris. It was first built in 1847 and it was interesting to find out that when residents first moved in 19th century, they were asked to plant 3 flowering trees per property. And when you visit this street today, you can see how the trees have grown and are providing tranquility in bustling city to both locals and tourists.

* Flower Tower

building, tower, flower, plant, green

Photo: SOA Architects


When you visit Hauts-de-Malesherbes garden near Gare Saint-Lazare, you will stumble upon a tower covered in flowers. It was built by famous architect Edouard François and botanist Patrick Blanc. The building is iconic yet environmental-friendly.

* The Natural Garden

garden, natural, trees, tourist, walking

Photo: Comme des lyres


You saw how perfectly grass was trimmed in Jardin du Luxembourg but it will not be the similar sight in Jardin Naturel. You will see how plants can be spontaneous. There is absolutely no human intervention here, just the plants doing what they please. Isn’t ecotourism all about conserving what we have in their natural habitat?


It is also located next to the famous Père Lachaise cemetery so you can always visit the cemetery if you need a break from your eco travel. However, if you ever feel scared to visit alone, don’t hesitate to come along with Widetrip!


* Shared Garden

garden, greens, plants, gardening, flowers

Photo: Urban Green-Blue Grids


And you thought having a garden is impossible in the big city like Paris. You will be surprised by how much local Parisians are passionate about having their own gardens. Due to the circumstances, you can’t always have your own garden in your apartment building so local actors have been working hard to create a common area where local residents can have their own garden. Most famous area for shared garden is 19th arrondissement. Thanks to Espace 19, the local association, there are more than 10 shared garden in 19th arrondissement. Even though the gardens are private, these are the perfect spots to enjoy ecotourism in Paris

* Jardin des Plantes

garden, plants, secrets, stories, museum

Photo: Museum of Natural History Paris


Even though the garden is maintained by the city, it is for the best! There are so many local plants that you will be surprised to know by the amount. There are secrets and fun facts that you can’t find out in your guide book. So, come with Widetrip today to find out all about the local plants and the meanings behind them.


(Ecotourism Chapter 3: Buying Green)

When we are traveling in the city, often we buy products from big chain stores because firstly, they are convenient and secondly, they are easily accessible because as we said, they are chain stores. But that’s not how we do it in Ecotourism. When you want to eco travel in the right way, there are so many small local stores where you can find similar products and sometimes, it will be in better quality. Buying green in ecotourism can mean many things. You can buy greener souvenirs or greener fruits or vegetables.

* Marché Bio Raspail

market, organic, authentic, vegetables

Photo: Restaurant girl


This is the place to be if you want everything organic. This Bio market is located in 6th arrondissement and you can find almost everything in organic. From chocolate to wheatgrass. You might find it little pricey but it is a small price to pay to support local farmers and isn’t that what ecotourism is all about?

* Artwork for Souvenir

drawing, souvenir, sketch, color, cathedral


Stop buying Eiffel Tower keychain or Croissant magnet as your souvenir! That is not how you do ecotourism. They are mass-manufactured products and so-not-unique. How about your artwork inspired and drawn right here in Paris? Widetrip offers many walking and drawing tours around Paris for ecotourism tourists to exchange their thoughts on beautiful places in Paris and portray them in your own artwork! Now, that is a true one-of-a-kind souvenir!

* Mouffetard district

local, parisians, lifestyle, market, authentic


Why shop at Champs-Élysées when you can shop in local Parisian style? Montorgueil is one of the oldest district in Paris where a lot of old local Parisian shops are still opened. There are many hidden streets with local gems. And to be in ecotourism spirit, we should all support the small local shops where not many tourists know about. If you ever need a guide to walk with you, you know where to find us!

* Dupleks

Dupleks is a small shop located along Canal Saint-Martin. This shop is not only trendy in terms of fashion but also in terms of environmentally-friendly. Because their products are made only with natural or recycled fabrics.

* Ekobo

vietnam, bamboo, bowls, plates, cups

Photo: Design Milk


These simple designed home ware products are made with Vietnamese bamboo which is one of the most renewable resources. Their high-quality products are not only raising awareness of the environmental issues but also supporting the remote area all the way in Vietnam. This can be one of the most perfect souvenirs you can get from your ecotourism in Paris

* Buzibi

electric, bikes, eco, green, bicycles

Photo: Justacoté


Now we have tried Vélib, the public bicycles in Paris. It is time to get one of your own. Buzibi, the Paris-made shop offers smart selection of electric bikes. If you are not ready to buy your own, you can also rent it!

(Ecotourism Chapter 4: Staying Green)


* Hotels with green labels

label, eco, environment, europa, logo

Photo: Europa


If you are on an ecotourism in Paris, look for the hotels either with La Clef Verte or European eco-label. They are the hotels that take more environmentally-friendly actions such as in water consumption, energy usage, waste as well as raising awareness to their guests. Some of the hotels with these labels include Best Western Premier Regent’s Garden or Hôtel Radisson Blu Trocadéro Dokhan’s.

* Hotel with own kitchen garden

hotel, kitchen, garden, cook, chef

Photo: Brunei Times


Pullman Paris Tour Eiffel hotel has one of the biggest kitchen garden in Paris. They grown their own herbs, vegetables, fruits and they even have beehives for honey. How great it will be to have organic food grown within hotel in the heart of Paris?

(Ecotourism Chapter 5: Eating Green)


* Le Foodist

chef, french, learning, cooking, cuisine

Photo: Parisianist


Cooking classes are booming in Tourism in Paris. But this is not like the others because your French chef will bring you to their favorite local markets and teach you how to pick organic food in the right way. After picking up these fresh fruits and vegetables, you will learn up to 3 recipes and get to eat those cuisines you cooked with hand-picked vegetables.

* Bio Burger

organic, bio, burger, fast food, fries

Photo: Le Bonbon


Eating green doesn’t mean always eating fruits and vegetables in ecotourism. You can still eat your favorite fast-food in green style. Bio Burger located in both 2nd and 9th arrondissement, will offer you fast-food style burger made with organic food. When we say organic, everything from bun, meat, cheese, salad and even sauce is organic!


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vacances, 2016, paris

Quand on a du pain sur la planche, la période estivale n’est jamais facile à passer. A cela s’ajoutent grèves, crue, manifestations violentes et autres évènements intempestifs. Et dire que d’autres se font dorer au soleil sur du sable fin…

Alors on garde le moral et on pioche vite dans la sélection Widetrip pour passer un week-end à la campagne quand bien même on est coincé à Paris. Activités d’été, terrasses éphémères … Nous vous dévoilons tous nos bons plans pour profiter de ces vacances d’été 2016 même quand nous n’avons pas de vacances !

Nos restaurants de l’été

En Bretagne le temps d’un repas

Tout d’abord connaissez-vous la rue du pot de fer ? Bars et guinguettes se mélangent aux crêperies et petit restaurent provençale. C’est comme une réunion de toutes les régions de la France en une seule rue piétonne, à Paris.

Alizée est une crêperie bio et gluten free qui prône produits frais et bon cidre pour une soirée bretonne réussie. Il y règne un air de vacances dans le golf du Morbihan ou le Finistère. On a presque envie d’y venir en ciré jaune et marinière.

Adresse : 5 rue du Pot de Fer – 75005 Paris

Contact : 01 43 36 52 14

On largue les amarres

Le temps d’un repas, venez vous ressourcer sur cette péniche gourmande du 19ème. Pour les vacances d’été 2016, la péniche Antipode aux aires de guinguette vous fait oublier petits tracas parisiens et écoeurement citadin. Une tartine gourmande, une bonne soupe, de la salade craquante et des desserts comme chez mémé : Une carte simple qui requinque tous les petits mousses.

Adresse : 55 Quai de la Seine – 75019 Paris

Contact : 01 42 03 39 07

Animal Kitchen

« La musique est animale, son instinct est sauvage »

Une super balance entre la bonne cuisine et la musique a donné naissance en 2014 à l’Animal Records. Ils organisent des évènements et autres festivals de musique électro tout en vous assurant que vos assiettes seront toujours bien remplies par leur chef Antonin. The place to be à Paris pour ces vacances d’été 2016 quand on a pas de vacances.

Adresse : Point éphémère 200 Quai de Valmy – 75010 Paris

food, restaurant, paris, nourriture saine, été

LIFEGAME : L’escape game nouvelle génération

Avez-vous déjà rêvé d’une chasse au trésor grandeur nature dans Paris ? Widetrip organise cela pour vous cet été !

Découvrez l’île de la Cité et ses alentours avec une de nos guides tout en jouant à une grande chasse au trésor. Un cadeau à la clé et l’apéro dans un cadre sympa vous est offert à la fin de l’événement ! Une activité ludique et conviviale pour connaître tous les petits secrets du quartier. Bonne ambiance assurée, rendez-vous le 23 juillet avec tous vos copains.

  1. Formez un groupe de 5 personnes maximum
  2. Inscrivez vous à l’événement
  3. Let’s play, que le meilleur gagne !

De quoi bien profiter de cette période de vacances d’été 2016 à Paris !

paris, restaurant, coin suédois, jardin, food, cuisine saine

Nos terrasses éphémères préférées de l’été

La passerelle

Le perchoir est parti en vacances à Boulogne. Sur cette jolie guinguette flottante, ils promettent de vous en mettre plein la vue, plein la bouche et plein les oreilles lors de ces vacances d’été 2016. Et c’est pour dire, siroter son mojito dans une ambiance summer avec vue sur la tour Eiffel et de la bonne musique dans les oreilles. On ne dit pas non pour s’y dandiner tous les soirs !

Adresse : 52 quai du pont du jour – 92100 Boulogne

Contact : 01 46 20 49 44

Un pique-nique à la suédoise

Pour ces vacances d’été 2016, on pose la nappe dans l’herbe, on enlève nos chaussures, les enfants font des bulles de savon … Le café HEJ ! nous vient tout droit de Suède, et nous propose des bagels saumon ultra frais, smothies mixés sous vos yeux, un gazpacho maison à tomber par terre et plein d’autres gourmandises !

Ce café a prit ses quartiers d’été dans le jardin de l’Institut suédois. Un salon de lecture en plein air a été mis en place. Ambiance familiale pour décompresser le temps d’un après-midi ensoleillé.

Adresse : 10 rue Elzévir – 75003 Paris

Les coins de Paris aux aires de vacances

Le parc des Buttes-Chaumont, la rue des barres, la place de la Contrescarpe… tous ces lieux parisiens ont un point en commun. Avez-vous deviné ? Ils nous font nous sentir en vacances !

Le parc des Buttes-Chaumont

Du haut de ses 25 hectares, le parc des Buttes-Chaumont est l’un des plus grands espaces verts de Paris. Avec son île de Belvédère, son grand lac et ses trois ruisseaux, ce parc vous offre toutes les jouissances d’un dimanche à la campagne. On y trouve également les vestiges de la ligne de la petite ceinture, ancien réseau ferroviaire abandonné par les parisiens à la création du métro. Vous savez où nous trouver le dimanche après-midi de ces vacances d’été 2016.

La rue des barres

Une des plus anciennes voies de Paris (datant de 1250), la rue des barres est aujourd’hui un petit coin idéal pour prendre un apéro comme en vacances. Cette rue pavée, bourgeonnante de cafés et jolies fleurs, vous offre un cadre magique où l’on voudrait s’y prélasser et refaire le monde toute la soirée. Il faut y aller pour comprendre ! Elle se situe dans le 4ème arrondissement, non loin de la Seine et de la rue de l’Hôtel de Ville.

La place de la Contrescarpe

Traversée par la très célèbre rue Mouffetard, la place de la Contrescarpe nous fait voyager dans un petit village français où discuter à la terrasse fait parti du rituel de fin de journée. Musiciens et autres artistes viennent faire chanter la place, somme toute très touristique, mais on l’aime quand même. Gare à celui qui prend la dernière place ensoleillée de la journée, elle était pour nous !

Les balades Widetrip au grand air

Widetrip propose un certain nombre de balades en extérieur pour ces vacances d’été 2016. On vous conseille Versailles Champêtre ou la visite du jardin des plantes. Dépaysement garanti dans ces jolis jardins de région parisienne.

Et s’il pleut, découvrez vite notre article Week-end pluvieux, week-end heureux

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Que faire à Paris pour la fête de la musique ?

paris, fête de la musique, fêter, musique, festival, concerts

Arrive, comme chaque année en juin, le tant attendu jour de l’été. Il rime avec vacances, soleil, sable dans les cheveux, musique… Ah oui musique, le 21 juin c’est la fête de la musique ! Alors on sort sa plus belle tenue d’été et on va danser dans les rues de Paris jusqu’au bout de la nuit.

Que faire à Paris le jour de la fête de la musique ?

Voici le programme complet de la fête de la musique à Paris pour ne pas en louper un (ou du moins ne pas louper son groupe préféré).

Pour partager vos photos et impressions de cette 35ème fête de la musique, utilisez le hashtag #FDLM2016.

Pour fêter la musique différemment …

Que faire à Paris pour célébrer la fête de la musique tout en évitant la foule ? Widetrip vous propose des balades dansées pour fêter la musique d’une autre façon. Laissez-vous guider par vos sens et libérez votre corps au beau milieu de Paris. Expérience hors du commun à faire une fois dans sa vie ! Laquelle choisirez-vous entre L’exposition coloniale de 1907 et L’exposition coloniale de 1931 ?

Petit point d’histoire

La fête de la musique a été créée en 1982 par le ministère de la Culture et de la Communication. Depuis, communes et villes mettent en place tous les ans cette manifestation culturelle. Pour fêter la musique dans son ensemble, amateurs et professionnels de tous styles musicaux peuvent s’inscrire pour jouer dans les rues de la ville de son choix le 21 juin.

La France va vibrer ce soir là !


La fête de la musique en quelques chiffres

D’après le ministère de la culture et de la Communication …

5,2 millions de Français pratiquent un instrument de musique

… La fête de la musique en 2015, c’était plus de 1 500 concerts en Ile de France

… Et 10 millions de Français étaient dans les rues ce soir là

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