Better than a Travel Agency, Let’s Become Partners !

(What could be better than a Travel Agency ?) GET TO KNOW US !

First of all, let’s introduce ourselves.

Who are we ? WideTrip.

What are we ? Very pleased to meet you.

Now, what do we do ? In a few words, we are not a travel agency but a travel site. Indeed, our one and only goal is to succeed in making people discover Paris, France differently. To this end, we propose many walking tours (balades) in english and french that you can be aware of on our website.
This site is organized as following : the walking tours are classified by topics in sections (Balades Cinéma, Balades Paris d’antan, Balades « Mise au vert », Balades « Les pierres racontent leur ville », Balades Art de Vivre à la française, Balades « l’Art en Ville », Balades littéraires, Balades Paris Gastronomique, Balades Découverte de l’Economie sociale et solidaire and « All categories »). Thus, customers can choose among them all and planify the walking tours they want almost custom-made. Indeed, we are very flexible about the time.


By the way, If you are a travel agent or a travel operator we also propose exclusive offers. To learn more about these parterships, you can easily join us at [email protected].


Widetrip is a website for walking tours and meetings with the locals for all visitors eager to discover an open and engaging Paris. In other words, our activity is about visiting the capital city but in a way that a travel agency or other travel websites would not be able to. For example : we do tastings (of local specialities while being on tour). Also, we put up walking tours that are focused on themes such as the cinema, the social economy

About that, we are, in fact, part of the social economy. Indeed, we work with other start-ups with which we always and more than ever put the principles of solidarity and collective involvement first.
One of the start-ups we work with is Dreamact, which exclusively performs some tours to discover Paris in partnership with us (one example here : social economic tour). Their motto is : « Let’s build the world we are dreaming of ». Precisely in the same spirit, they propose responsible consumption throughout boxes for example. You can order your responsible box right now on their website.
Moreover, you can become our travel agent by turning into one of our partners. Besides, we also make partnerships with other kinds of professionals (hostels, a travel agency …)


In a nutshell, if you are a travel operator we would be pleased to make a partnership with you. You can reach us at [email protected].
Furthermore, to have a closer and better look on our activities and note how we work as a travel site, you can choose to go for one of our famous walking tours. For example, with Georges who will teach you about the Montorgueil’s district in Paris. Also, feel free to choose any other one.

To get a taste of the capital city, here are some tips «To do Paris like a parisian ». Enjoy !

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